Keri Wonnell


Keri is the happy voice on the other end of the telephone when you call our office. You wouldn't know it from talking to her, but she was raised in Marshalltown, Iowa. Her family moved back to California in 1991 where they settled in Moreno Valley.  Keri and her family currently live in Crestline, CA. Keri finished her degree in phlebotomy and was working at Saint Bernardines hospital, but left in 2001 to join our team.


Keri is happily married to Jeff and has 3 children, Austin, Logan, and Levi. Keri's spare time is fully occuppied by doing a balancing act between her 3 son's different little league teams. Both Keri and Jeff are avid fans of Nascar racing. They attend local races and follow the others on television. With what little time Keri has left over, she holds scrapbooking classes in the local Lake Arrowhead community. If you need a new theme for a party, give Keri a call!


When Keri is in the office she is busy organizing the schedule for our installers to apply PermaPlate appearance products and GPS tracking devices.She also creates all of our invoices and does an amazing job of keeping track of all the paperwork flowing in and out of the office, answers the telephone, and tries to keep tabs on what our field reps are doing.